Aromatherapy RingSpindleâ„¢

Experience the delightful benefits of essential oils while spinning with a Golding Aromatherapy RingSpindle™. The idea for this unique spindle came from spindler Stasia Wussow of Tuppinz Farm, Wisconsin. She presented the concept to Tom, and within a few weeks, a prototype was created.

Your choice of essential oil is put onto a piece of cotton, which is then placed into the diffuser that sets on the whorl. As you spin your fiber, the handcarved fan wafts the fragrance upward, surrounding you with the relaxing, uplifting, or energizing properties of the oil.


2" Cherry Whorl
Bronze Alloy Ring
0.89 oz
2 3/4" Cherry Whorl
Bronze Alloy Ring
1.4 oz


Leyden House Essential Oils (1/2 oz bottles)

Lavender, $9.37
Grapefruit, $7.65
Clary Sage, $9.30
Rosemary, $7.70
Conscentration, $8.52
blend of patchouli, lavender, peppermint, rosemary
Stress Away, $10.80
blend of cedarwood, clary sage, orange, ylang ylang)

Serenity, $8.38                     OUT OF STOCK
blend of lavender and tangerine
Mood Mender, $7.48
blend of clary sage, lemon, lavender