Golding Lazy Kate I

The Golding Lazy Kate I is an accessory tool designed and handcrafted by Tom for the sole purpose of plying yarn spun from a drop spindle. Ball bearings in the thimbles make for smooth and easy plying.

Made of beautiful select walnut, this unique tool can be purchased as a 2 ply or 3 ply model. The Lazy Kate comes with plying rods that yarn from a drop spindle can effortlessly be slipped onto for plying. All the Lazy Kate parts (plying rods & plying eye) can be neatly stored in the walnut base for a compact tool. When not in use the Golding Lazy Kate I makes an attractive spindle stand for your drop spindles.

2 ply Golding Lazy Kate I
Price: $149.00
(see below for 3-ply still available)

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3 ply Golding Lazy Kate I
Price: $169.00

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Plying with the 2 ply Lazy Kate
(directions are the same for the 3 ply model)

parts of the golding lazy kate
Step 1: Remove plying rods and plying eye from the walnut base and place in appropriate holes as shown lazy kate set up for plying
Step 2: Place the end of your drop spindle directly onto the pointed tip of the plying rod and slide the cop (spun yarn) down the rod. sliding the cop onto the lazy kate
removing the cop from the spindle loading the lazy kate for plying
Step 3: Draw the yarns from each plying rod through the plying eye. Using your drop spindle ply the yarns together in the opposite direction that the single yarns were spun. fully loaded lazy kate

Please Note: All 3" and 3 1/2" Golding Ring Spindles are designed to fit into the Golding Lazy Kate thimbles and can be used instead of the plying rods for plying. Simply spin up your single yarns using your Golding RingSpindles, then insert a spindle into each of the thimbles and ply as above.

using drop spindles on the Lazy kate


The 2" and 2 3/4" Golding RingSpindles (having 3/16" and 5/16" shafts,) do not fit into the thimbles. An "Adapter Kit" is available that includes thimble adapters, and walnut plying rods that match the diameters of the respective spindles shafts.




thimble adapter kit for 2 inch drop spindles

bronze thimble adapters pictured above




Bronze Adapter Kit


2-ply 3/16"

2-ply 5/16"

3-ply 3/16"

3-ply 5/16"